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Welcome to the Adriana Lima Challenge, where you can compete in an icon challenge each week against other Member's! Near the end of each week, YOU vote for which icon is the best and then we count all the votes up. Afterwards, we post the winner of the contest and celebrate by making a beautiful award containing their icon.


There's a catch to everything though. You have to follow these set of rules before you enter your icon!

1. Don't join unless you'll enter the contests and vote for the icons
2. Only post one icon submission per week
3. When you post your icon, post the IMG SRC version, the URL, and state whether or not you'd like a banner made for you, when you win
4. You may not take an icon made by someone else and edit it to your liking, then enter the contest with it. anyone doing this will be banned
5. Don't use an icon you made a while ago you need to post a new icon for the contest

This is a member's only community so you need to join to view the entries.


To enter your icon in the challenge, comment on the instructions post for that challenge with your icon in IMG and URL form and whether you would like an award banner or not. That's very important! Comments will be screened.


Because we do not have a paid account, we are not enabled to post polls. Therefore, you must post your votes for the top three favorite icons. Please do not vote for yourself.


For each challenge, it is possible to win one of these awards:

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention
Mod's Choice


Contact us at x0evergirl@hotmail.com or info@truetalent.org to become affiliates.